It's a journey of discovery.  Here are your guides.



Brigitte holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Minnesota and is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance.  She came to yoga to find a blissful state of being, moving her body in meditation, breathing and dancing through her asana practice. Brigitte is honored to share her passion and believes in the power of yoga to understand that we are all seeking the same thing - wholeness, community and purpose.  She guides her classes in a manner that challenges all dimensions of a person and encourages self expression through the asana practice. Meant to move, she can be found living in Saint Paul with loving her husband and three young kiddos.



As a mother of two young girls, Rachel's yoga practice has grown and changed in many ways since it began 17 years ago. What started as a mainly physical practice, has now evolved to be so much more. Rachel completed her 200-RYT in 2008, and has additional training in prenatal and kids yoga.  Rachel works as a physical therapist and is also a certified athletic trainer. Rachel and her husband, Luke, live in Eagan with their two daughters and love to be active outdoors.  From marathons and triathlons, to being out on the water with her paddleboard, Rachel is always up for a challenge!

Kate W.


Kate began practicing yoga in 1999 in the Lone Star State as a means to release tension in her physical body. She got her 200-hour RYT certification in 2008 and is currently enrolled in 500-hour teacher training at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis. Kate is a lighthearted and compassionate teacher. As a teacher, she creates a nurturing environment that encourages students to find acceptance wherever they are in their journey. She is also a passionate runner and marathoner. Kate anonymously donated her kidney in December of 2008. Her gift of life was a life changing experience and she is grateful to all the support she received from friends, family and the University of Minnesota Medical Center.



Sunny has been playing competitive sports for her whole life. During her youth in Minnesota she was an avid hockey, tennis and lacrosse player, but after a young diagnosis with Rheumatoid Arthritis, she needed a way to keep her body active and satisfy her competitive drive. When she found power yoga, she knew this was the answer. Through yoga, Sunny found an avenue for growth, both mental and physical, and the challenge, camaraderie and community that was missing in her life after sports. As her practiced deepened, her competitive nature began a slow shift into acceptance, and the realization that growth and self-love actually can go hand in hand. Yoga, to Sunny, is a powerful exploration of what you’re capable of, and a powerful coach both pushing you to be your absolute best version of yourself and showing you that you’re perfect just as you are.

Sunny received her training in Power Vinyasa Yoga from Charleston Power Yoga, a Baptiste affiliate studio in Charleston, SC. 



Tristan has been practicing yoga since 2001, and has taught Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin yoga classes both privately and in studios since 2010.  His classes stress individualized approaches to alignment, somatic awareness, and spacious breathing.  Tristan is also a Certified Rolfer™, and a board-certified Structural Integrator.  He also holds a BA in Dance from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, and has been a member of Zenon Dance Company in Minneapolis since 2011.  In his exploration of movement, he has studied many somatic practices, such as Klein Technique™, Alexander Technique, and SpiralDynamik®.  Tristan is so happy to share all of his somatic research and curiosities with the amazing practitioners at Fusion!



Lisa Johnson started practicing yoga in the late 90's once a week at the YMCA. As a busy stay home mom, it was the highlight of her week. A seed was planted. For Lisa, yoga is the one thing she always looks forward to and she enjoys the practice every time. There is nothing else like it. Lisa has a true appreciation for a wide variety of yoga styles, but it is the linking of breath with movement in Vinyasa practice that resonates most deeply with Lisa. It is the peeling away with every breath to reveal the authentic self that brings her back to her mat. In 2009 Lisa received her 200-hour RYT certification. She loves to teach almost as much as she loves to practice.

Lisa has worked for school district 197 since 2007, as the sustainability supervisor, leading staff and students to healthy green practices. 



Nancy began practicing yoga eight years ago as a means to increase her flexibility and balance in an environment that allowed her to enhance her mind, body and spirit. She embraces each practice as an opportunity to reflect and grow. Two years ago she completed her Yoga Sculpt teacher training and has been teaching Yoga Sculpt ever since. As an instructor, Nancy provides a full body workout, in a fun , always mindful environment. In addition to practicing yoga regularly, Nancy is an avid rower with the Minneapolis Rowing club where she often is seen on the Mississippi River from early spring through late fall. She also plays golf, snowshoes, bikes, runs with her yellow lab Rhys, and enjoys travelling with her husband now that she is an “empty nester”. Come for the workout and sweat , stay for the fun!



Maria discovered her yoga practice in a twist of fate when Fusion Yoga opened its doors just down the road from her home in Eagan. From her first Chaturanga, Maria was hooked on the physical and mindful challenge yoga offered and on the way her practice would grow and change with each new step onto her mat. When not practicing yoga, Maria spends her time horseback riding, popping into handstands, reading, and capturing her studly dog Cahill on camera.



Ryan was introduced to the wonderful and amazing practice of yoga in 2005, and has now had the privilege of teaching since 2007. He is a graduate of the 230-hour teacher training program at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis, as well as the 200-hour LifePower teacher training. He has also completed additional teacher training with renowned vinyasa teacher Seane Corn, who has not only the best hair in all of yoga, but also excellent taste in epic fantasy novels. More recently, he has studied Yin Yoga under the guidance of Michelle Pietrzak-Wegner, and will continue to do so in the future. Other notable influences include Nan Arundel, Jim Bennitt, Elena Brower and Phil Hoffland. 

Continually evolving, Ryan's classes draw inspiration from many different styles of yoga, and he encourages students to recognize how their practice helps them to live healthier and happier lives. When he's not practicing or teaching yoga, Ryan enjoys reading, taking pictures, traveling, telling you what his cats have been up to, and wearing flip-flops during the winter.



Ellen moved to the Twin Cities area in 2014 after graduating from South Dakota State University with a Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and a minor in dance. A dancer since the age of 3, Ellen always felt a strong passion for the art of movement as well as human development, health, and wellness. These interests prompted her to investigate the practice of yoga more deeply. Ellen’s yoga journey initially began with an emphasis on the physical practice, but in 2016, she began practicing more routinely, and her love of the spiritual practice grew. As she recognized the ability of yoga to serve the whole person, it became a much more necessary and important part of her life. Teacher training felt like a natural next step. Ellen teaches because she believes that the practice of yoga meets each and every person where they are and gives them what they need. She appreciates the ability to share something so powerful with others. Through yoga, Ellen hopes to spread truth, unity, authenticity, peace, and love. Teaching yoga brings joy to her soul.



Erin has been moving and grooving for as long as she can remember. She started dancing at the wee age of two and continued her passion throughout high school where she was the captain of her dance team. She loved designing workout for the team that were challenging yet fun at the same time. She played numerous sports throughout her lifetime and always loved the feeling after a good workout. Erin started taking consistent yoga classes two years ago. She appreciates how yoga is a challenge not only for your body, but also for your mind. She completed her Yoga Sculpt training in February of 2017. She loves that she can combine her two passions of weight lifting and yoga with one another to create an intense and fun class.



Annika’s yoga practice became especially meaningful when she began nursing school at the University of Minnesota in 2013. While initially seeking a physical practice, Annika soon realized that this was only the surface of what yoga has to offer. She completed her RYT-200 at Fusion, and is inspired by the genuine community of yogis at the studio. Off her mat, Annika is a Registered Nurse with a love for music, cooking, and her beloved dog, King. She is continually humbled by the power of moving in meditation and the renewal she finds each time she steps on her mat. Annika hopes to guide you through a rewarding practice that creates space for overall well being in mind and body.



Amanda was introduced to yoga in her 11th grade psychology class during their unit on stress reduction. She was immediately intrigued by yoga; it sparked a curiosity in her. It wasn't until 2005 when Amanda began studying psychology at the University of Minnesota that she began practicing vinyasa yoga. Amanda was immediately drawn to the physical benefits of yoga. As her asana practice grew, she began to love yoga for its mental and spiritual teachings as well. Yoga has helped her learn about herself, become a better person and maintain a steady mind/body connection. Amanda dabbled with the idea of becoming a yoga teacher for years, but it wasn't until she found Fusion Yoga that she knew she found the place for her. Amanda completed the 200 hour yoga teacher training program at Fusion in 2016. She lives in Eagan, MN with her husband Chad, son Clark, and their rescue pup Dex. When she isn't busy finding her bliss on her yoga mat, you can find Amanda walking her dog, making mala jewelry, fueling her Netflix addiction, and spending time with her family.



Doris is a retired Army captain from update NY, a mom of three awesome children who are almost grown and ready to move on with their own lives. Next year all three will be in college at the same time!  Doris discovered yoga in January of 2013 when Fusion Yoga had their first open house. She instantly fell in love with the heated studio and the challenge to her flexibility and balance;it took a few months until she finally realized yoga was about breath and quieting the mind and becoming present; learning to not dwell on things that happened in her past like breast cancer at 40 years old and widowhood shortly thereafter.  Doris fell in love with this amazing practice and would go almost every day of the week, sometimes twice.   She shares her love of yoga, and in particular Fusion Yoga, with everyone she meets.  After training at Fusion Yoga she began teaching around the twin cities to found her voice, and is super excited to join the awesome team at the studio that was the catalyst for changing her life in such a positive way! NAMASTE!



Kaitlin joined the yoga community in 2012 after years in gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading. She fell in love with the physical aspect of yoga right away and grew to love her practice as she noticed the internal and external benefits. Wanting to explore the asanas deeper and share her passion for yoga, Kaitlin decided to enroll in teacher training. In April 2016, she completed her 200-hour registered teaching certification. Kaitlin loves being active and expressing her creativity through movement. She values being able to take her practice off of her mat as it supports her in her daily life. When Kaitlin is not on her mat, you can find her relaxing at her home in Rosemount, MN or at her family’s cabin in Northwestern Wisconsin.



Robin found yoga as a supplement to running. After exploring yoga on the internet, she finally decided to try a class at Fusion. She immediately got hooked, loving the community feeling of Fusion and the amazing atmosphere it provides. Eventually, yoga became the sole form of exercise for her, and she’s never looked back. Robin especially loves the opportunity to unwind at yoga after teaching preschool during the day. She especially enjoys the connection of breath to movement and the space it opens up, in her practice and life. She got her teacher training certification in the spring of 2019 and is so excited to share her love of movement with everyone.

Kate C.


Kate Cherne received her 200hr teaching certificate from Corepower Yoga in 2008 and has been teaching vinyasa yoga consistently in the St. Paul area for ten years. Kate approaches teaching from the perspective that the practice itself and the postures are the true teachers and that through them we get to meet our deepest selves. By rooting her classes in yoga philosophy, introspection, and self-honesty, Kate aims to illuminate her student’s path to that deepest self. The physical power and focus cultivated in a challenging vinyasa class mirrors the inner prowess required to pursue the path of our highest, truest self. We must be strong inside and out. Kate teaches from an intuitive place with an emphasis on present moment awareness, anatomical alignment and rhythmic transitions through flow. Kate also teaches yin and restorative yoga, facilitates yoga teacher trainings and in-depth yoga study workshops. When not teaching yoga she enjoys reading and sleeping under trees.

Jenny G.


When Jenny was little, she dreamed of being a professional ballerina. However, the genetic dice rolled her a lovely sense of rhythm, but two left feet when it comes to performing choreography! With the realization that pink tutus were not in her future, Jenny learned to love movement in other forms like running and sports. Something was missing though, and in a 1-credit yoga class in a nasty little room at the gym in college, Jenny found it. Yoga and the practice of just moving with the breath! Always an anxious soul, Jenny bathed in this newfound ability to calm the mind and the body through movement and breath., and found that it opened up feelings and confidence within her that she’d always suppressed and hidden from. Now a daily practitioner, Jenny teaches with the hope that she can help others find the ease and peace in movement through yoga. She believes that anyone can practice anywhere, and hopes to inspire others to find their way back to themselves.

When not on the mat, Jenny can be found teaching yoga and fitness classes all over the Twin Cities, doing a little accounting for her day job, hiking and camping in the woods with her husband and dogs, or embracing life and all it offers via craft beer, outdoor patios, nerdy movies, geeky novels, and the North Woods.



Tracy has always enjoyed the physical benefits and mental relaxation of exercise. In 2015 she was looking for a new challenge and decided to take advantage of the free introductory class offered at Fusion. After realizing the wide variety of classes offered, from Vinyasa flow to Fit she became a regular student. In the spring of 2017, she participated in the 200-hour YTT to advance her knowledge and enhance her practice. Through yoga Tracy has discovered a new sense of self, while continuing to be challenged both physically and mentally. Tracy feels fortunate to be part of the fusion community and looks forward to helping others become their best selves.



Megan completed the CorePower Yoga 200- RYT and Yoga Sculpt certification programs in the Spring of 2010 and has been teaching consistently ever since. She loves getting to know students and designing classes with their needs in mind. Megan has attended continuing education opportunities at Fusion Yoga and is always looking to deepen her understanding of Yoga. She’s grateful to have the opportunity to lead classes in the Fusion community. Megan loves good coffee and searching for the perfect donut. When she’s not training at her CrossFit gym, you’ll find her outdoors with her two kids, Bryn & Archie, and her husband Noah. 



Britta graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Kinesiology: Community and Public Health. She has a passion for all things health, wellness and physical activity. Britta began practicing yoga in 2012 as a way to relieve stress and stay active. She became certified in July 2016, which is just the beginning of her yoga journey. Britta teaches with the intent for each yogi to find their own inner confidence and strength on and off their mat. Britta loves spending her days educating clients at the corporate fitness center at Delta Air Lines. In her free time she enjoys being with family & friends, tackling DIY projects and making people laugh.



Kiley is a professional classical singer but grew up playing many different sports so when she discovered vinyasa yoga and the beautiful balance it struck between exercise and art, she was hooked.  As a teacher she strives to create an environment that allows her students to enter into a flow state in which they are completely immersed and present in the moment.  Yoga is much like singing in that it is something that you can never perfect nor complete. She finds this creates a beautiful space for both humility and inspiration. We learn to celebrate where we are in our journeys while also acknowledging all of the ways we can continue to grow. Kiley completed her 200 hour power yoga teacher training and 50 hour power yoga extensions at CorePower Yoga Grand Ave., St. Paul.



Star began guiding F26 at Fusion in the fall of 2019. We are grateful for her skills and presence as an instructor and look forward to all she has to share with our community. 



Nicole, a licensed attorney and recovering perfectionist, began practicing yoga in college and deepened her practice when she moved to Eagan in 2013 with her husband, Joe. Nicole received her 200-hour RYT certification through Fusion Yoga in 2015, where her appreciation for the benefits of yoga grew even more. To Nicole, yoga is more than a physical practice: it's about the harmony between Head, Heart, and Hands. Nicole hopes you leave her yoga class feeling refreshed and more like yourself. See you in the studio!



Mollie came to her mat in 2011 to find another way to be active. She soon realized that yoga was more of an internal practice with external benefits. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Fusion Yoga in 2014.  Mollie shares her passion with others by combining her knowledge of yoga and appreciation for self-expression. Mollie creates a space where you can let go of your need for perfection and simply be present in the moment. She incorporates fluid and dynamic sequences that establish internal awareness, balance, and inspiration that will leave your body, mind, and soul feeling whole. Mollie is an elementary teacher who lives in St. Paul with her Husband and their dog named Moses.



Hannah’s yoga practice began in 2006 when her high school lacrosse team introduced it into the season’s training regime. She was immediately drawn in and began practicing Bikram yoga on her own, soaking in the heat and building her patience. Yoga became a comfort and piece of home for Hannah throughout college and moving across the country, providing a community and endless opportunities for growth. From the moment she started practicing, she knew that yoga was a passion she wanted to share with others. After settling in Minnesota with her husband in 2014, she completed her Sculpt certification at CorePowern and in 2017 her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Fusion. When Hannah is not practicing yoga she is the mom to her little man, Hudson, and dog, Koda, and is a middle school English Language Arts teacher at Faithful Shepherd Catholic School in Eagan.



David is a lifetime physical fitness enthusiast. He found formal yoga about ½ a dozen years ago when he began practicing at Fusion Yoga where his wife Lisa was and is still teaching. He enjoys the physical challenge and the mind calming that comes with practice and hopes to bring that to his students. David took RYT Yoga Alliance 200 training in early 2017 at Fusion Yoga in Eagan. He continued his training that year earning a Yoga Sculpt 50-hour Certificate as well as taking Extension Teacher Training at Core Power Yoga in Highland park, MN. Yoga is a family thing for the Johnsons. Besides his wife who has been teaching for 10 years, all three of his adult children have earned an RYT 200-hour certificate and practice.



Alyssa's first exposure to yoga was in the wrestling room at Rosemount High School her senior year. She participated in a strength training class during which they would spend one class period a week doing PDX yoga. This sparked an interest in yoga for Alyssa. She began a home practice using videos for guidance and eventually found a studio in the spring of 2012 where her practice truly began to take off. At first it was simply about participating in an activity she could regularly do to stay active because she actually enjoyed it. Over the years Alyssa found joy in the balance of structure and freedom in a yoga practice and it became an outlet for all around mental, spiritual, and emotional health in addition to the physical health aspects. In the summer of 2015, with the encouragement of her husband, Alyssa took her practice further yet and participated in 200-hour power yoga teacher training. Alyssa found fusion in early 2016 , and from the moment she entered the studio, she knew she had found a home. She is beyond excited to be a part of such an encouraging community and help others grow within their yoga journey as she continues growing in hers. She hopes to bring that balance of structure and freedom, as well as intention on well-rounded health, that she has found in yoga, to each of her classes through a welcoming and encouraging environment. When she is not in the studio, you can find Alyssa directing the children's ministry at her church, coaching people on health and nutrition, and hanging around Apple Valley with her awesome husband, Matt and their adorable pup, Teagan.

Jenny M.


Jenny began practicing yoga as a supplement to running and CrossFit and quickly found the grounding benefits of being on her mat. Yoga has become a spiritual practice for Jenny allowing her to show up mindfully and intentionally, not only on her mat, but in everyday life. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Jenny frequently incorporates yoga into her therapy sessions offering to her clients another way to manage mental health and be their best selves. In this season of life, Jenny is busy exploring and learning along with her husband and two young boys. Jenny completed yoga teacher training at Fusion yoga in 2018 and is excited for the opportunity to teach at this amazing studio.



Heather came to yoga while in pharmacy school at the University of Minnesota. After a lifetime of playing soccer and hockey, she was originally drawn to the physical practice. But she quickly realized the mental relief and spiritual outlet that yoga provides. She loves how yoga connects on so many different levels: breath to movement, inner and outer self, to the present moment, and to others and the environment. Heather received her teacher training through Fusion in 2019 and aims to provide space for grounding, release, and calm in all of her classes.



Veronica did her 200-hour yoga certification at Fusion Yoga in the summer or 2018. Since her training, she has been a yoga instructor at Tangletown Crossfit and Paddlesculpt Gym, both in South Minneapolis. She accidentally stepped into a yoga class over 11 years ago and immediately fell in love. As a collegiate swimmer, she craved high-intensity workouts to calm her anxious mind. She still loves high-intensity workouts but found she could get the same calm mind from yoga. The part she loves most about instructing yoga is the mind-body connection. Guiding yogis to be present and become aware of their true-self while the physical part is like swimming in the air, it’s a beautiful dance of postures and breath. She lives in South Minneapolis and commutes to Hudson where she has been a high school physics teacher for 22 years. She has been a member of Peace Church in Eagan for over twenty years. She has three boys; Isaac, Jacob & Benny. Isaac & Jacob currently attend school with her at HHS. In her free time, besides yoga, she enjoys walking her dog Marlo, paddleboarding, pottery, mountain biking, and backpacking adventures.



Danni reluctantly tried yoga for the first time in 2016, in search of a way to handle life’s turbulence and stress. She admits to walking into that first class already convinced yoga wasn’t for her. However, those first deep breaths, and permission to take up space, release judgment against herself and to let go was a powerful, pivotal moment she’ll forever vividly remember. Because Yoga rapidly and dramatically improved the quality of her life, she practiced regularly at Fusion Yoga for 3 years. She then completed 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2019. Nothing fills her up more than guiding others through this powerful, beautiful practice, where we dedicate time to move, breathe, live below the neck, tune in to our body and create space for that sweet tenderness we all deserve. She believes every yoga posture is just like life - approach it with humor, sensibility and optimism.

Danni has worked in higher ed since 2007 and loves her current role at Dakota County Technical College. She is a videography hobbyist, beginner drone pilot and her favorite food is dip.



Nicki was told growing up to go to school for something that she loves, make it a career, and she will never work a day in her life.  She graduated from the University of Minnesota in Kinesiology and has been immersed into fitness, yoga + wellness her whole life. Currently an E -RYT 200, she has thousands of hours of teaching experience in various formats of yoga and teaches many athletes in the Twin Cities + Western WI area.  In 2018 she quit her full time job and started a  yoga + wellness event business where she spends time teaching at resorts in other countries as well as hosts events across the country.  She believes in using yoga as a tool to grow beyond your beliefs, both mentally and physically.  



Cassie has been practicing yoga off and on since 2012 but in 2014, she went to a class at Fusion Yoga and immediately fell in love with yoga. Yoga became an opportunity for her to slow down, focus on herself both mind and body. Cassie knew she wanted to further explore her yoga practice and in 2015 she completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Fusion Yoga. She went on to teach at different studios & gyms in Lakeville & St. Paul. Cassie wanted to continue to learn different forms of yoga, so she went on to receive her Yin Yoga certification in 2017.

In her free time, Cassie loves to bake, hang out with her husband & dog, and practice flying trapeze.

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