Understand which class will be best for you.

​Fusion I:  A great place to begin your yoga practice, the FI focuses on the foundational postures and flows of a vinyasa class. Emphasis is largely on alignment and breath, and will move at a steady pace to acclimate you to the postures in the traditiontional Surya Namaskar A and B series. The studio is moderately heated (between 80-85 degrees) and will incorporate music as a part of the experience. End with a long savasana! 

**Age requirement: 16+. 8-15 MUST be accompanied by adult


Fusion I+:  A step up from the introductory vinyasa class to help you transition from the FI to the FII format, you can expect to see more intermediate standing and balancing postures, fun transitions, and arm balances added to the warrior (Surya Namaskar B) series and standing series - variations and modifications will be given by the teacher to accommodate different levels. Just like the FI class, the focus of FI+ will be alignment, proper form, and breath. The studio will be heated to 85 degrees with music played throughout class.

**Age requirement: 16+. 12-15 MUST be accompanied by adult

​Fusion II: Time to play! This class will build upon the FI+ and is sequenced to be challenging, adding in transitions, balancing postures, and inversions to build strength and flexibility. True to a vinyasa class, there will be Surya Namaskar A and B and a strong focus on breath and alignment, but expect to see more variations of familiar postures and brand new asanas altogether. Recommended that students are comfortable doing intermediate asanas or have been regularly attending F1/F1+ class. For this class, the studio is heated to 90-95 degrees and music is played as a part of the experience.

**Age requirement: MUST be 16+

** Asterisks on the Mindbody schedule denote special classes with OPTIONAL meditation after savasana. This will be 15 minutes of extra time for students to sit in a lightly guided meditation practice - stay as long as you want, five minutes or for the full 15, totally up to you!

Fusion III: This class will build upon the foundations of an FII while challenging you to bring your yoga practice to the next level. Advanced arm balances, standing postures, and transitions will be the core of the class and, although not strictly a vinyasa class, will include the flowing mediation you know and love.  At this time, the FIII class is not open to all levels. We assume that all yogis who attend have been regular practitioners of our FII, have been regularly practicing yoga for at least a year, and/or are comfortable performing intermediate arm balances, standing balances, and transitions. Not sure if you're ready or have more questions about the FIII? Email us at yoga@fusion-yoga.com. **Age requirement: MUST be 16+

​Fusion by Candlelight:  FII Candlelight offers a space of flow and reflection. As a level II class it will have some challenging aspects to the sequence, but will be a gentler pace and a comfortable temperature in the lower 90s. This class is perfect for intermediate to advanced students.





Hatha: Hatha is similar to our vinyasa classes but with a little less flow and more holding and refining of postures. The class consists of intelligent sequencing of postures as well as breath work with options given to challenge all experience levels. Benefits of the class include improving strength, flexibility and balance in both the body and the mind. Temperature 90 degrees, 20% humidity. **Age requirement: 16+. 12-15 MUST be accompanied by adult

Fusion Fit:  Based upon our Fusion vinyasa framework, but adding free weights and dynamic music to the experience.  A total body workout using compound movements to use your time most effectively and strengthen your body. Accessible to all levels of weight training experience and a direct compliment to your yoga practice. **Age requirement: MUST be 16+

Fusion Move: Fusion Move is a circuit-style class that combines strength-building exercises with high intensity cardio bursts. We start with a yoga flow to warm up big muscles, move through a 30 minute intense circuit workout that will push your endurance while strengthening your muscles, and then wrap up with a calming yoga sequence to bring the heart rate down and stretch worked muscles. Modifications and advancements will be given to each exercise, making this class perfect for all Yogis looking for a challenge. The only things you'll need for this class are clean tennis shoes and a water bottle! **Age requirement: MUST be 16+

Fusion HIIT:  Fusion HIIT is a dynamic blend of our vinyasa yoga and high intensity intervals. This class starts with a logically sequenced yoga warm-up followed by 15-20 minutes of maximum effort intervals that incorporate body-weight exercises, circuits and weighted exercises. Then, cool down with a relaxing and restorative yoga flow. This class provides you with a full-body balanced workout to burn fat, increase endurance and build strength! **Age requirement: MUST be 16+

​Fusion 26:  Taught in a 100 degree room, this class is composed of 26 postures, half standing, half seated.  The order of postures is precise and the same each time to move oxygen and blood most effectively through your system to increase stability, flexibility and strength.  This practice is also designed to stimulate every joint, organ and muscle in your body.  A great class to build long, lean muscles.  We also offer a silent version of this class designed to give the more experienced students a more reflective practice.  In the silent version the teacher calls out the posture name, provides minimal cuing, but does participate in the class on their mat to deomonstrate the pose. **Age requirement: MUST be 16+


Yin Yoga:  Yin Yoga is a quieter, slower-paced practice that involves passively holding the postures for longer periods of time in order to work our deeper connective tissues. It perfectly complements our more active practices (such as hatha and vinyasa classes), creating a more balanced approach to cultivating our overall well-being.

Family & Teen Yoga


Family yoga* (Ages 4-10 & parents):  Our Family Yoga class is a great introduction to yoga and its many benefits! Spend time with the whole family, breathing, stretching and playing! We will incorporate travel, animals, adventure, stories and games into a balanced class meant to let you get your sillies out and find a calm state in a safe, enjoyable and inclusive environment.


*We currently do not have this weekly on our schedule, but offer it for private parties or small groups on request.


Girl-Asana (Ages 8-14):  Through the practice of yoga postures, meditation, and positive thinking yoga can help teens find more self love, body awareness and confidence. Yoga provides greater emotional stability, sense of self, and physical strength for young women. By learning the fundamental postures and breathwork we create a safe space for growth and discovery. Hope to meet you on your mat in downdog very soon!  $15.00 per class or $125.00 for 10 classes

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