At the foundation of fusion yoga is a community of people coming together to practice yoga as a way to be free of pain, to think more clearly, and to have a better relationship with the world.  Fusion yoga is a supporting, exciting, and empowering experience for yoga practitioners of every level. Whether you're new or highly experienced, you'll find a class offering that meets your needs.  Our yoga classes are meant to challenge you mentally and physically.  All classes ask you to look within- to tap into your own innate needs, potential and expression as you cultivate your own experience.


Often, the mind and body act in conflicting ways. The mind tells you your body can't do something that it's perfectly capable of doing. The body may think that it can't go on when in fact it can. Learning to listen rather than react to these messages, you learn to move with an awareness of your own mind-body harmony. 

This mind-body harmony, this fusion, is essential to the yoga that we practice at our studio. We seek it through a highly physical and demanding, yet entirely accessible flow of poses. A flow that will excite your spirit and challenge your body. Fusion yoga will challenge your endurance in both mind and body. You'll feel completely empowered.




Be prepared to sweat. The heated studio challenges your body's stamina and endurance, and elevates your heart rate faster. The warmer temperatures allow your body to integrate, to find new depth and to challenge your ability to stay out of your thoughts; to be present, right here and now.  All classes range in temperature from 80 degrees to 105 degrees.


What should I bring to class?

​Please bring a yoga mat, water bottle and a towel. The yoga studio is heated so it's important to stay hydrated. We also have mats and towels available for rent, and bottled water is available for purchase.


What do I wear?

Comfortable clothing that is breathable. Preferably something that fits close to the body so we can help you with your alignment and posture, but there's no need for a spandex catsuit.


What should I eat before class?

It's generally a good idea to avoid eating a big meal 2-3 hours before class. If you're hungry, a granola bar or banana will get you through class. Remember to drink water (or coconut water!) before and after class.


Are there any age requirements?

​All ages are welcome in Fusion I classes, but youth under 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. For more advanced classes, participants must be at least 16 years of age (parent or guardian permission required for those under 18).


What if I have an injury?

Yoga is a challenging practice for mind and body, but it is also low-impact and very accessible for people of all ages and abilities. If you have an existing injury (i.e., back pain, sprains) please let your instructor know and he/she will suggest alternate poses where applicable, to ensure that your practice is safe and comfortable.

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